In his scores for the Godzilla movies of the 1990’s

In his scores for the Godzilla movies of the 1990’s

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Akira Ifukube, one of Godzilla’s Four Fathers, did this a lot, with much of his score from Great Monster Varan being reused and modified in countless films decades later. In his scores for the Godzilla movies of the 1990’s, he would recycle dozens of themes from his Showa Period work, include those from films that TOHO had no part in, such as the Daimajin films. How successful he was at this is up for debate, but due to the obscurity of some titles (not to mention the butchering that many of the older scores went through in the 1950’s and 1960’s when they were being imported to the US), not many people here in the United States would even recognize that these themes were recycled until the advent of the Internet and YouTube made it easy to listen and compare soundtracks.

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