Good Old Fisticuffs: Rocky had Paulie cut his gloves off

Good Old Fisticuffs: Rocky had Paulie cut his gloves off

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Replica Valentino Handbags Chairman of the Brawl: Thunderlips gets a wooden folding chair broken on his back courtesy of Paulie. Color Motif: The film puts a twist on Rocky’s signature colors. In the previous movie, he wore black trunks with gold stripes. After he becomes champion, finds success, and loses his edge, he switches to flashy gold trunks with black stripes, as well as gold gloves and yellow shoes. Defeat Means Friendship: One of the more famous examples of this trope, starting when Apollo decides to become Rocky’s trainer. Early Installment Weirdness: For Mr T. While his persona and well known “Pity the fool” catchphrase were first popularized in Rocky III, the movie has Mr. T hitting on Rocky’s wife to antagonize. Far removed from the Mr. T who would become well known for telling kids to stay in school and to not do drugs. Funny Background Event: During the pre fight interview, Paulie is peeking out over Rocky’s shoulder and waving at the camera. Genius Bruiser: During the rematch against Clubber at the end, Rocky goads him into throwing punch after punch, which Lang does full force. While the blows do hit Rocky, he’s not just standing there, taking the shots; he uses his gloves to guard against the head shots and moves his body to lessen the impact of the body shots, at the same time, letting Lang wear himself out. Good Old Fisticuffs: Rocky had Paulie cut his gloves off during the Boxer vs. Wrestler match so he can use his unpadded fists against the clearly more powerful Thunderlips. Heel: Thunderlips antagonizes the crowd before his charity match with Rocky, and acts like a dangerously violent lunatic in the ring. He’s Back: Pretty much the entire third act of the movie. Replica Valentino Handbags

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