A Hell of a Time: Hellboy’s ultimate fate is apparently to

A Hell of a Time: Hellboy’s ultimate fate is apparently to

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To return to the Character page for Star Wars, go here. Roosevelt and Harry Truman. Since she has already been paid, she leaves without caring. A Hell of a Time: Hellboy’s ultimate fate is apparently to spend eternity in Hell, which apparently isn’t as bad as it sounded at first.

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And Now for Someone Completely Different: You play as Bikdark half way through Bikdip’s Adventure 2. Neon Genesis Evangelion gives us Second Impact, a disaster which destroyed Antarctica http://www.datachronic.com/to-pack-an-emergency-bag-bottles-of-water/, caused worldwide flooding and wars, and ended up killing off half of mankind.

Crazy Prepared: If Moist ever needs to leave town under a different name (again) he has a wide range of options. Compare I Want My Beloved to Be Happy and Hero Harasses Helpers. 8 years later, it was revealed that that Meldrath was a decoy, and the real Meldrath became a high end raid target.

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