Grande Dame: The uptight Jean Hogg

Grande Dame: The uptight Jean Hogg

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The Myst series of games do a good job of providing a setting in which you are following in the footsteps of people who had been there before you. But most of the levers and buttons have been left in positions that leave the machinery in the least useful configuration. This is justified in the sequels, where in most cases there’s been a villain running through the Ages before you and deliberately setting up obstacles; this is played up for Paranoia Fuel in Riven, where there are sometimes hints that someone was in the room just before you got there. Meanwhile, in the fifth game, the puzzles were explicitly set up as a kind of test of worth, but in the original, did Sirrus and Achenar go around resetting everything on the various worlds just for the fun of it before getting trapped in the prison books? In Uru, why are all the Ages that had already been explored and plundered by the DRC fully unlocked and unpowered?

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