The Ghost of Christmas Past had earlier mentioned even “Attila

The Ghost of Christmas Past had earlier mentioned even “Attila

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Replica Valentino Handbags Drowning My Sorrows: Elliot tries to do this after losing his job, but a Roadside Wave wets the paper bag holding his booze and causes it to fall out. He tries again later, only for the Ghost of Christmas Past to drive by and steal his booze. Dumb Struck: Calvin hasn’t spoken a word since witnessing his father’s murder five years earlier. Earn Your Happy Ending: The movie definitely makes the audience work for their holiday schmaltz, but after all the fear, regret, and angst Frank went through in the movie, he ends up with Claire, Calvin speaks again, Loudermilk gets a better job, everyone seems happier, and even Herman is now a happy ghost. Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas: Cross is driven to tears when he sees his mother in a vision of one of his first Christmases. The Ghost of Christmas Past had earlier mentioned even “Attila the Hun cried” when he saw his own mother. Ghost of Christmas Past: Niagara Falls, “Frankie Angel.” Replica Valentino Handbags

Replica Designer Handbags Mr. Feeny on Boy Meets World. He tries to avoid it in the early shows, imparting life lessons begrudgingly outside of the classroom. After Mr. Turner disappears between seasons, Feeny fits this trope much more readily, having given up any semblance of trying to maintain a professional distance in his relationships with the main cast of students (to the point that, when he resists telling them he loves them in the Grand Finale, none of them believe him). He theoretically teaches accounting. It’s also played straight to a degree, however, since for all that he comes across as a bit of a deluded clown, he’s actually savvy enough to realize that Jeff, who has joined his class for an easy grade, is just coasting and has no real idea how to seize the day Replica Designer Handbags.

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