Downplayed in the 2001 recut Apocalypse Now Redux

Downplayed in the 2001 recut Apocalypse Now Redux

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Apocalypse Now, which is both based on a book which is also an example of this trope (Heart of Darkness; see below) and set in the military, almost every character is a member of the armed forces. In the original version, the only female characters who appear at all, aside from unnamed Vietnamese and Cambodian civilians, are the Playboy bunnies sent to Vietnam to entertain the troops. Needless to say, they receive little screen time, don’t have any discernible dialogue, and don’t play much of a role in the actual plot. Downplayed in the 2001 recut Apocalypse Now Redux, which adds a few scenes with female characters. The Playboy bunnies are encountered again and have some actual dialogue, and a few scenes with a group of French colonists includes some female speaking roles, though none have much importance to the plot.

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