In September, when a store clerk asked me who I thought would

In September, when a store clerk asked me who I thought would

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Ended up relocating after the first year, but at no point of the offseason could edit anything. Then after playing my first game I noticed one of the logos on my uniform looked a bit wonky, so I wanted to change that up. I can them under the relocation menu, but that changes them as if I was relocating again.

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Brigadier General Tivey was twice wounded and gassed once during the war and was six times mentioned in despatches. He was a prudent, sensible commander. It is no surprise that he was also a successful stockbroker, leaving more than at his death in 1947..

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Which brings me to Lesson Three. While my betting guru boyfriend was ultimately left behind in Chicago, let me say this to my neophyte Seattle sports sisterhood: Knowing sports gives you cred as a cool chick with a large percentage of men. In September, when a store clerk asked me who I thought would win the Hawks/Packers game, I replied, “The Pack doesn’t lose at Lambo.” (Predictably, the Seahawks suffered a double digit loss that week.) I can connect with sandwich artists, bartenders, and people on the bus because I know football..

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