The first game: Big Bad: Shoujo The Dragon: Aku Bauman Evil

The first game: Big Bad: Shoujo The Dragon: Aku Bauman Evil

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Aliens setup, though it had its fair share of twists. The first game: Big Bad: Shoujo The Dragon: Aku Bauman Evil Genius: Juu Fujishima The Brute: Aku Hiroshi Dark Chick: Aku Miyoko In the second: Big Bad: Shintaro Kuga The Dragon: Yukari Horiguchi Evil Genius: Anolegos Dundeon The Brute: The Aja Brothers Dark Chick: Arala Clan In the third: Big Bad: Tsukiko Johjima The Dragon: Kagachi Evil Genius: Freedom Wind The Brute: Shikou Mibuya Dark Chick: Yukari Horiguchi Flanderization: In Universe.

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