Old School Dogfight: While Lethal Skies depict missile

Old School Dogfight: While Lethal Skies depict missile

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As for the gameplay, most games in the series have a focus on attaining high combos while mowing down groups of foes. Missions set up the stages, while the action is broken up by the occasional Visual Novel styled cutscenes and narration, which provide more details on certain parts of the storyline. During battle, characters are able to perform a “shinobi transformation”, changing them from their regular attire to their shinobi form, which gives them more varied combos and the ability to perform devastating special moves called “Secret Ninja Arts”. Taking too many hits, however, induces Clothing Damage, causing costumes to lose their HP and defensive bonuses. Costumes can eventually be completely removed by taking too much damage, leaving a character in her swimsuit and with no defenses. However, players can choose to activate “Frantic” mode, which discards all clothing (except the swimsuit) and defenses in order to boost offense significantly. Be warned though, it’s much easier to die while in Frantic mode.

The series started as a straight clone of Ace Combat, though one with somewhat more realistic leanings. City on the Water: The mega floats in Lethal Skies. Hyperspace Arsenal: Played straight in the PS1 installments. This is downplayed in MAX and Lethal Skies, as the planes can load up to 16 missiles maximum, and running out of them is a very real possibility during missions. On the other hand, Vulcan ammo is unlimited. Just Plane Wrong: The first game features the F 22 as a selectable plane, but it’s codenamed “Superstar” and looks completely different from the real thing. Strange, as Air Combat, released a year prior, features an accurately named and modeled F 22. Macross Missile Massacre: Lethal Skies introduce multi warhead missiles. Depending on how many targets the player is locked on, the warheads may either split among multiple targets or converge on a single one. Ocean Punk: The setting of Lethal Skies. Old School Dogfight: While Lethal Skies depict missile behaviours somewhat more accurately than other console flight games (missiles actually lead the target rather than tracking the exhaust), their range and power is greatly reduced to allow for traditional dogfights to be the focus. Spiritual Successor: The Uchuu Daisensou (released in Europe as Space War Attack) http://la-articlehunter.com/general/the-espionage-thriller-stars-kamal-haasan-as-a-raw-agent/, a flight based riff on the Earth Defense Force formula done using the Lethal Skies engine. Recycled Soundtrack: Lethal Skies 2 recycle several tracks from Sidewinder MAX and at least one from an unrelated flight game published by Asmik Ace, Super Air Diver. Spider Tank: One of the WORF M Plan weapons is a quadrupedal mech equipped with missile launchers and an artillery cannon.

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