Esplin gets post battle jitters after the Bajor rescues the SS

Esplin gets post battle jitters after the Bajor rescues the SS

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It doesn’t work, obviously, and the “scenario” turns on the Teki. Mirror Boss: Fake, an identical Kirin clone fought during the last stage’s Boss Rush. Oh, Crap!: Jack Layzon just as Kirin appears on his chamber. Pirate: The (very random) pirate group Kirin meets and joins in Stage 4. The Plan: Jack Layzon’s plan to get the cult arrested.

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wholesale replica handbags McMillan: OH GOD!It Gets Easier: Mocked when Ens. Esplin gets post battle jitters after the Bajor rescues the SS Shargrash from some Jem’Hadar. Eleya calls her over for a friendly chat and has this to say: “I’m not going to rely on clich here: the first battle isn’t the hardest, it’s just the first. And frankly, as pathetic as that one was, I guarantee the next will be harder. You do your job and work with your crewmates and you get through. The rest is up to the Prophets.” wholesale replica handbags

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