Before there were juries, it was the task of judges, both

Before there were juries, it was the task of judges, both

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Replica Handbags In such discussions, however, we easily forget that torture has been practiced by nearly all civilized nations since ancient times and carried out by both secular and religious institutions within those societies. In many countries, juries are now used to get at the truth a valued commodity worth some effort to obtain but juries are a relatively new development. Before there were juries, it was the task of judges, both secular and religious, to find the truth somehow, often within a complex maze of conflicting and vague testimonies. It was great when the truth emerged naturally in the course of the investigation. But sometimes it did not and torture was employed as “the only means of relieving the judicial conscience.” There was a consensus that torture was far from perfect and should not be hastily inaugurated. And there were rules. The rules for Galileo’s trial prohibited the torture of prisoners who were 70 or older, which probably explains why Galileo added a year to his age when he appeared, rather than noting that he was 69 years old. Replica Handbags

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