Then, in 1835, another attempt happened outside of the Capitol

Then, in 1835, another attempt happened outside of the Capitol

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It is enough to say that nothing short of death would have stopped Jackson, and bullets just weren’t going to work. The first two assassination attempts on an American President were against him. The first time, in 1833, a man he dismissed from the Navy ran up to the President and struck him, but Jackson’s friends chased him away. Then, in 1835, another attempt happened outside of the Capitol Building. An unemployed Englishman, Richard Lawrence, whipped out two pistols and fired, but both of them misfired for some reason even though they were both in perfect condition. Jackson then went up to him and started beating him with his cane until his advisers held him back. You read that right. To date, Jackson remains the only President to ever personally subdue his own would be assassin. Lawrence was eventually declared insane (he thought he was Richard III) and institutionalized; for some reason, Jackson was not. This was possibly the first time the argument of “he was too insane to know what he was doing so we shouldn’t kill him or anything” was used to keep someone out of prison, so that’s interesting.

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