The one born in the year of the Ox? Yeah

The one born in the year of the Ox? Yeah

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Dangerous enough, in fact, to dissolve the ground around the TARDIS with acid and cause her to sink into the earth. The one born in the year of the Ox? Yeah, don’t call him a “dumb ox,” or bring up how he was tricked in the story. However, von Trier himself has stated in interviews he did not intend Dancer in the Dark to be a criticism of America.

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Adaptational Wimp: Subverted with Carmilla and Death. Dinsmore debuted in 1997 in the USWA in Memphis. Celestia has established a McDonald’s. Who gives a shit?” Slashed Throat: How Upshaw kills himself. Atonement with the Father: Ben uncovers the full truth about his absent father Henry Scudder, ultimately finding him, healing his facial scars, and forgiving him for leaving.

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