The plot mainly consists of the titular crocodile rescuing his

The plot mainly consists of the titular crocodile rescuing his

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A native of perhaps one of the more. eccentric states in the Union, Carl Hiaasen has built his career writing both on the fictional and real life exploits of the citizens of Florida. Known for a strong sense of black and satirical humor, many of his novels involve situations that he insists isn’t that much of a stretch for his fellow Floridians: from a crook being beaten with a frozen lizard, to a particularly ornery and sexually deviant dolphin, to a female lead that continually has two songs clashing in her head, his novels are filled with all manner of colorful individuals. Not withstanding the more colorful of their type and behavior, Hiaasen’s books usually contain recognizable yet unstereotyped characters that are often criminal, eccentric, mentally ill or challenged etc yet still make endearing protagonists whereas his villains are the sort of individuals for whom his imaginative fates can be seen as richly deserved.

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