Those from Commie Land still played it kinda straight but in a

Those from Commie Land still played it kinda straight but in a

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Dueling Saxophones. Alec Guinness = Genuine Class. When they ask Lisa to make an anagram out of Jeremy Irons, Lisa is stumped, answering “Jeremy’s. Note that this has definitely not been Truth in Television since World War II, where the Soviets and Americans dominated both sides of Europe, and being Cosmopolitan Empires, kinda drifted or even forced the traditional cultures and rural sides to act accordingly. By The ’60s, most of Western and Northern Europe was as urban, well off and cosmopolitan as the United States with its pop culture dominating. Those from Commie Land still played it kinda straight but in a “we’re political refugees” kind of way and by The ’90s, post communist eastern and central Europe (with a couple of exceptions) is doing a lot better now and is relatively Americanized.

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