It might be as small a car as the Mini Cooper

It might be as small a car as the Mini Cooper

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Pintsized Powerhouse: True to its Real Life counterpart, the Abarth produced sports modification of the Fiat 600 lives up to this trope. It might be as small a car as the Mini Cooper, but it’s a rear wheel drive and has a very powerful engine, making it a speedy and agile little racer. Unfortunately, the much more powerful engine also provides the disadvantage of the car easily oversteering or understeering at higher speeds if not driven with care. Race Against the Clock: Played straight most of the time, just as in Real Life rally racing and any serious rally game. Hence why you will have to combine highly skilled handling and a good instinct for accelerating and braking in order to score the best possible times on a particular rally stage. Averted in Arcade mode as it’s name implies, it’s a Lighter and Softer take on rallying, where you eschew the setting of new records and listening to pacenotes altogether, and instead go circuit racing with a handful of actual opponents. Rule of Funny: A lot of various tongue firmly in cheek gags, in contrast to what is otherwise a serious Driving Game. Your co driver is. rather unconventional. In the English dub he has a definitely Upper Class Twit accent and is really fond of chastising you for each car shattering hit and crash you make. His Sarcasm Mode snarking and Large Ham remarks are generally hilarious. Less patient players could probably consider it a Most Annoying Sound though (especially on more harder to beat stages, where a minor crash or two is almost inevitable). Crowning Moment of Funny: The game’s credits featuring grainy footage of two 1950s style Formula One toy cars pulled by strings competing on a muddy racing circuit built in someone’s back yard are. unusual. to say the least. If you do a nearly flawless Drives Like Crazy Speed Run of a stage, your otherwise snarky co driver will tremblingly exclaim at the finish line :”Way too fast for me, I gotta change my pants.”

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