Butt Monkey: From getting crap for bumping Mattingly from the

Butt Monkey: From getting crap for bumping Mattingly from the

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The admission by Fathi Hamad that Israel’s figures were correct and those originally offered by Palestinian groups were false exposes the rush to judgment against Israel that has stained the so called “human rights” community so often in the past. It is essential that this new evidence be widely circulated, which it has not been to date, and that those who condemned Israel on the basis of false allegations correct the record. Don’t hold your breath! In today’s distorted world of “human rights,” truth takes a back seat to ideology, and false claims especially those that “support” radical ideologies persist even after they have been exposed.

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wholesale replica handbags Naturally the astronauts are less than thrilled by the prospect of bags full of their own waste products floating around the cabin for the next 3 days. Butt Monkey: From getting crap for bumping Mattingly from the mission to a later “medical mutiny”, the poor Flight Surgeon can’t catch a break. wholesale replica handbags

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