Protagonist Title Redemption Equals Life: Bruno (mutated into

Protagonist Title Redemption Equals Life: Bruno (mutated into

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Aeneas has his suspicions, but doesn’t want to make his move until he has proof. Nanomachines: One of Lord Mercury’s weapons is a knife which injects nanomachines into the victim, which proceed to rapidly convert the victim’s inner organs into more copies of themselves. Older Than They Look: Lord Mercury, who has stopped his aging early and permanently looks like a boy. Bonus Boss: The Xenophobe Worldships and Ark. Damage Sponge Boss: Quite a few enemies are poorly armed, but capable of taking a tremendous amount of damage. Bottomless Magazines: Most of the lower level kinetic type weapons have no ammunition limits. Even in the broken cruelty of a Flannery O’Connor character, there is always one who glimpses a place of mercy in this often hard and mysterious world. A grandmother witnesses the brutal killing of her family and as she converses with the serial killer who will indifferently execute her as well, she will not allow the cruel brutality of another to snuff out the whisper of mercy in her existence. She could have titled this story the soul crushing, hopeless: “There are no good men.” But instead a glimmer of mercy is seen in the title of her story: “A Good Man is Hard to Find.” No puppy dogs and rainbows, but a glimmer..

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